Sunday, 23 January 2011

St Ives September Festival - Tickets

St Ives September Festival - Ticket Office

With all the uncertainty surrounding the future of St Ives Tourist Information - some are wondering if there will be a festival ticket outlet in St Ives.

The TIC is due to close at the end of March 2011 as Cornwall Council have withdrawn funding. Our county council urgently and quite rightly needs to redeploy scarce money to pay for vital front line services - such as  Business Change Managers, Mountain Bike Outreach Workers and Parking Wombles Civil Enforcement Officers. St Ives Town Council and others in town are trying to save the TIC - but nothing is finally sorted yet.

I've had a message from the festival to say  yes - at least according to latest news - there will be a ticket office at The Guildhall if possible - or at least somewhere in town.

Tickets will also be available to buy online on the festival website:
St Ives September Festival

The festival are also arranging a new ticket outlet in Penzance - following the closure of The Rainyday Gallery.

Tickets should be on sale from Easter and the first gigs have already been announced - see previous post:
St Ives September Festival - Gigs

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