Saturday, 11 September 2010

September Festival Opening Day

St Ives September Festival

So - at last - the festival is here !

There is a huge amount going on today, starting at 12.00 with street entertainment throughout the afternoon. Various art exhibitions at galleries around town. Poetry and music in Norway Square at 12.30 pm.

A wide choice of live music tonight including Courtney Pine, Robin Williamson, Acoustic Cafe, Dirty Livin' Rhythm Band, Take Me To The City and Tracy Story.

I've put an events calendar on my St Ives website - helpfully broken down into listings for Live Music, Arts Workshops, Theatre etc. if you use the menu at the top of the page:
St Ives September Festival Calendar

For a day by day listings and tickets go to:
Official September Festival Website

For latest news visit:
St Ives September Festival Twitter Feed
St Ives September Festival FaceBook Page

I'm going to enjoy the festival so this blog is signing off for now. I also need to focus on my other blogs and web projects. So - thanks for reading, back next year.

Hope you enjoy the festival - have a great time !

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