Thursday, 26 August 2010

Guildhall Gigs - Tickets Selling Fast

Eddi Reader - St Ives Guildhall - Tuesday 21st September

The festival have just confirmed - with a post on Twitter - that the Imelda May gig (Tuesday 21st September) is now sold out.

Also that tickets for Fishermens Friends (Monday 20th September) are selling fast.

No reports from the festival yet - but my guess is that the ever popular Eddi Reader (Tuesday 14th September) will be the next to sell out. Also Mediaeval Baebes (Friday 24th September) as they are at a small venue - St Ives Society Of Artists.

If you are set on going to a particular gig it might be a good idea to get tickets soon:

St Ives September Festival Tickets

Monday, 23 August 2010

Imelda May - Close To Sell Out

Imelda May - St Ives September Festival - Tuesday 21st September

According to the latest on Twitter from the festival organisers - the Imelda May gig is close to selling out.

So if that's on your list of gigs - might be a good idea to get a ticket soon.

The gig is on Tuesday 21st September and tickets are £16.00.

Available from St Ives Tourist Information at St Ives Guildhall.
Call in or phone - 01736 798 577.

In Penzance available from The Rainy Day Gallery on Market Jew Street.
Call in or phone - 01736 366 077.

Also available to buy online:
Imelda May Tickets

For latest info:
Follow St Ives September Festival On Twitter

For more gigs:
OneStIves - Festival Calendar - Live Music

Friday, 20 August 2010

Live Music - The Castle Inn

St Ives September Festival - Live Music - The Castle Inn

The Castle have put together a great and varied programme of festival gigs:
  • Winter Mountain Band - Sunday 12th September
  • Kaj - Tuesday 14th September
  • Grey Dog - Thursday 16th September
  • Shiny Blue Crow - Sunday 19th September
  • Ryan Jones - Tuesday 21st September
  • The Shirts - Thursday 23rd Sep
All gigs are free entry, with a range of real ales on tap and a great atmosphere in one of the best pubs in St Ives.

More info:
Castle Inn FaceBook Page

More live music
St Ives September Festival - Live Music

Friday, 13 August 2010

LiveWire - AC-DC Tribute - The Guildhall

LiveWire - St Ives Guildhall - Saturday 25th September

With some major exceptions I'm personally not mad keen on trib. bands - but LiveWire really are an exception.

I've been lucky to see the "real thing" twice - Birmingham Odeon in 1978 and Donington in1981. Its scary how quickly 30 years can pass by ! As most readers will know AC-DC were rated as one of the best "metal" bands of the 1970s - 1980s. For younger readers - in modern terms they would no longer be rated as "metal" - Chimaira they are not. But the band's music is still well worthy of the "two horns" salute.

The two gigs that I saw still rate among my top 10 gigs of all time. Others (if you're interested) include Iron Maiden, Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones, Rush, Bullet For My Valentine (HFC 2006 - not now!) and Thin Lizzy,

I saw LiveWire at the September Festival a few years back and they were truly excellent. As close to the "real thing" as possible in my opinion. Their show featured two halves - with "Bon Scott" fronting the first half of early AC-DC, followed by the "Back In Black" funeral bell and the appearance of "Brian Johnson".

AC-DC were reputedly paid no less than £3 million quids for their recent appearance at Download. I guess that promoter Mark Shaw will be paying LiveWire a bit less than that. The gig at The Guildhall offers pretty good value at £16.00 - especially as its a double header with Thin Lizzy trib. band Limehouse Lizzy.

Saturday 25th September - St Ives Guildhall..
Tickets from St Ives Tourist Information or:
September Festival Website

More info:
LiveWire Website

Monday, 9 August 2010

Festival Programme - Latest

Poetry and Music In Norway Square - Daily at 12.30

The full programme of events - or as full as it can be for now - has been posted on the:
Official St Ives September Festival Website

Printed programmes are also available from tourist information and around town.

Inevitably a few events were not scheduled in time for the print deadline.
No doubt a few more will also be added over the next few weeks.
St Ives Times and Echo will be printing an up-to-date Festival Supplement on Friday 10th September.

Tickets for most events are on sale from St Ives Tourist Information -
01736 798 577.
Also - for Guildhall and Western gigs - online from the festival website.

There are also many free events such as Poetry and Music in The Square - where you don't need tickets. One exception - St Ives Library have advised people to book for their free talks and workshops as numbers are limited.

Latest news here and on:
September Festival Twitter

Festival Accommodation

Courtney Pine - St Ives September Festival - Saturday 11th September

It looks like hotels, guest houses and self catering properties a getting heavily booked up for September.

Festival promoter Martin Val Baker has put out a request for help - he needs accommodation with three rooms for part of Courtney Pine's band on Saturday 11th September.

If you can help get in touch with Martin:
01736 366 077

Its likely that there will other starving artists and musicians looking for somewhere to stay - so if you know of anything available post a comment below.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

St Ives Arts Club - Theatre

Bec Applebee - Oh Mary - St Ives Arts Club
The Festival Arts Programme has been published and is available from St Ives Tourist Information - as mentioned in the previous post.

There is a huge amount in it and so I'm going to do a series of posts highlighting different parts of it.

St Ives Arts Club are hosting three theatre productions. A good place to enjoy theatre - small and intimate, great atmosphere, bring your own wine.

Stalag Happy - Wednesday 15th September - 8.00 pm.
The true story of artists Terry Frost and Adrian Heath whilst interned in the WW2 German POW camp Stalag 383.

Oh Mary - Friday 17th and Saturday 18th September - 7.30 pm.
Bec Applebee presents a physical theatre show based on the amazing life of Mary Bryant - Cornish highwaywoman. 'Bec has managed to produce one of the most astonishing one woman performances I have ever seen ...... just plain bloody brilliant'. The Cornishman.

The Leonardo Question - Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th September - 8.00 pm.
Where can we go from here and who will be the next modern master ? To help answer this question we are taken on an enlightening and entertaining journey through the story of modern art from Cubism to now.

Tickets for all of these performances cost £8.00 and are available from St Ives Tourist Information - 01736 798 577.

The Arts Club will also be hosting talks, live music, comedy and cabaret. More details and other festival events on:
OneStIves - September Festival