Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Imagined Village

The Imagined Village - Tam Lyn Retold

When I saw the initial festival lineup The Imagined Village struck me as one of the more interesting gigs.

The Village are a diverse collective who aim to "explore their musical roots and identity as English musicians and music makers".

Many are stalwarts of the traditional music scene (Martin Carthy, Chris Wood) while others represent a range of genres including Rock/Pop (Paul Weller) and Bhangra (Johnny Kalsi).

The line up for their gig in St Ives on Friday 17th September is:
  • Martin Carthy- Vocals And Guitar
  • Eliza Carthy- Vocals and Violin
  • Chris Wood- Vocals, Guitar and Violin
  • Simon Emmerson- Guitar and Cittern
  • Andy Gangadeen- Drums
  • Ali Friend- Double Bass
  • Barney Morse Brown- Cello
  • Johnny Kalsi- Percussion
  • Sheema Mukherjee- Sitars
  • Simon Richmond- Keyboards and Live Electronics
With that many musicians on stage the gig should offer pretty good musical value and something a bit different from the standard "folkie" set.

There is lots more info on their website:
The Imagined Village

Tickets for the gig will be on sale from Easter - £TBA.

I'll be adding more news about the festival here and on my:
OneStIves - September Festival Page

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