Sunday, 9 August 2009


September Festival 2008 - A Midsummer Nights Dream.
This year's play will be Romeo and Juliet. 16th, 17th, 18th ,19th September.

Welcome the the St Ives September Festival Blog - 100% Unofficial.

We aim to feature daily live updates during the festival - which runs from Saturday 12th to Saturday 26th September 2009 in St Ives Cornwall.

We'll also be previewing a range of events beforehand.

From our unofficial headquarters at Norway Square, The Sloop Inn and various secret locations around town we'll be filming, checking out what's going on and generally keeping you informed and entertained. Footage and copy will then be rushed to our production suite near Porthmeor Beach for editing and posting online.

If you're attending the festival you'll find this a useful source of information, gossip and news as things progress.

If you can't be here you can at least follow events from your PC, Mac or laptop.

Content will include the latest news from the underbelly of the festival and any "official" news that the festival organisers choose to send our way. If any events change or are cancelled we'll do our best to let you know. If any new events pop up we'll post details here.

We'll be filming at locations where we can - a mixture of live performances, interviews with key players and general scenes from St Ives.

We'll shamelessly plug events that we have a particular interest in of course.
But to be fair we'll feature lots of other stuff as well.
If you want to feature please send in the usual offers of free tickets, bribes or whatever.
If your event has artistic merit in our expert opinion - we'll consider it.
If you're event has no artistic merit and you make a good enough offer - we'll definitely feature it.

Do send in anything you'd like to see posted.
Feedback is welcome - please do add comments.

As ever, if we get anything wrong, blame Rod Bullimore.

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