Sunday, 9 August 2009

Leach Pottery Otters

Leach Pottery Otters - Amazingly Talented

The printed copy of the official Arts and Literature programme has a few errors.

Be clear that most of it is correct - although many events are not listed at all.

But I thought it would help festival visitors to point out the ones I've spotted - there may well be a few others - please let me know.

Daily - Poetry In The Square.
Led by Rod Bullimore.
Should Read: Led by Rod Bullimore and / or Anna Chen during week 1.
The inimitable Bob Devereux will be back at the controls for week 2.

Tuesday 15th September -St Ives Library.
The Leach Pottery - local author Marion Whybrow gives an illustrated talk on the otters and their work.
Should Read: Not sure - but I suspect that it should be "potters" unless Paradise Park have instigated an amazing training programme for the little furry creatures.

Wednesday 16th - Saturday 19th September - The Island.
Romeo and Juliet.
Tickets: £6.00 (advance), £8.00 (door).
Should Read: £6.00 (advance), £7.50 (door), under 7s free.
Tickets - St.Ives Theatre 01736 797007 or Tourist Information 01736 796297.

Friday 18th September - St Ives Library.
Workshop with Jo McIntosh - Knitting With Wire.
Should Read: Sorry - this event has been cancelled.

Sunday 20th September - The Island.
Romeo and Juliet.
This performance will not take place as the production closes on the 19th.

Saturday 26th September.
Several events are listed under this heading which actually take place on Friday 25th.
The heading is printed in the wrong place - should be one column to the right.

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