Thursday, 13 August 2009

Contributions Welcome

We want to make this blog as good as it can possibly be - so would like to invite you to send in content for inclusion - before, during and after the festival.

Please do submit anything relating to the festival that might be of interest.

We're particularly looking for good quality content - well written previews / reviews, photos, videos or anything else interesting and informative.

If you upload photos to
Picasa and videos to YouTube or Vimeo (preferred as quality is better) that will help. If you send in written content please include a photo for illustration if you can.

During the festival we'll be posting daily so do send in anything topical - images of the daily events, reviews of what you've seen, latest news or just your own thoughts on what's going on.

Contact Steve via the blog or email:

Also please do subscribe, comment on the posts and send in any ideas that you have - your input is welcome!

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