Sunday, 23 August 2009

Anna May Wong Must Die!

Anna May Wong Must Die!

Anna Chen's personal journey through the life and crimes of Hollywood movie legend Anna May Wong.

This multi-media solo show grew from A Celestial Star In Piccadilly - written and presented by Anna Chen - a BBC Radio 4 programme about Anna May Wong, Hollywood's first Chinese film star, broadcast in January 2009.

Glamour, sex, beauty, fame - Hollywood legend Anna May Wong had it all. She was the most famous Chinese woman in the world during the 1920s and 30s, and yet she struggled to get decent parts while white actors played the juiciest Chinese roles in "yellowface".

Born in Los Angeles in 1905, during the height of the Yellow Peril fears about the Chinese, she overcame prejudice and racism enshrined in US law to become Hollywood's first Chinese screen legend, making more than 60 movies.

Artists painted and sculpted her, photographers immortalised her, composers and songwriters were inspired by her, philosophers wrote about her. She starred alongside Douglas Fairbanks, George Raft, Warner Oland, Sessue Hayakawa, Marlene Dietrich and a young Laurence Olivier. And yet she all but disappeared for nearly half a century since her death in 1961 at the early age of 56.

Part comedy, part social critique, this funny, fascinating look at the movie icon takes a wry look at her career and reveals the human side of the dragon lady of dragon ladies.

More on Anna's website:
Anna May Wong

Sunday 20th September - 7.00pm.
St Ives Arts Club
Tickets: £6.00
From: St Ives Tourist Information
01736 798577

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